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Do you have Finance and Accounting Recruiting experience and are looking for a new position? Reach out to us!

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Our Search Firm has developed a recruiting model for experienced recruiting professionals who fall into one of the two groups:

1.)  F&A Recruiters who are currently out on their own but miss the teamwork and split business opportunity that comes with working with a collaborative and trustworthy team of recruiters.

2.)  F&A Recruiters who are currently with a search firm (National, Regional, or Boutique), but want more autonomy, greater flexibility, no micro-management, and a more attractive payout while still having a resource-rich environment.

a message from our founders:

about the position

Executive Recruiter, Accounting and Finance

Our recruiting model provides an entrepreneurial environment while at the same time offering a motivated team of recruiters to do splits with. Over the years, we have found that our biggest producers ($500K and above in annual production) are heavily reliant on their team members to make placements (because their teammates either had the right candidate at the right time or their teammate had the right job order for their hot candidate).


If you are currently working on your own, you do not have the benefit of “split business” with other recruiters and have to put the entire deal together on your own. At our firm, 80% of our placements involve two or more consultants. Over half of our recruiting consultants were once on their own but realized that they would earn more money and have more fun working with our firm which offers such a high split ratio and high payout.


As a Virtual Recruiter, you can live anywhere and still work our geographic markets. You will have the opportunity to build both clients and your network of candidates. Additionally, our firm gives you the opportunity to build both a direct-hire (perm) as well as contract book of business. You will have two revenue streams of income available to you which will further stabilize your income and growth potential.

Minimum Requirements:

  • A minimum of 3 years F&A Recruiting Experience in an Agency Environment

  • Previous Experience working Virtually, Remotely or from a Home Office

  • Tech savviness and confidence in learning new ATS program (Bullhorn) is a must.

  • Microsoft Office 365 / Office Suite installed on computer prior to employment.

  • Full-Desk Experience (Ability to both business develop and source candidates)

  • Must be a Self-starter and be very Self-Directed (does not require middle-management, in-depth tracking)

  • Have previously produced a minimum $200K in annual production within a 12-month period (with the desire to maintain and/or produce more)

  • Excellent email etiquette and written communication skills.

  • Professional, Extremely Ethical, Great Sense of Humor, and Total Team Player


In addition to our high split ratio and industry high commission payout, our resources include all of the following:


Resources Offering:

  • Upgraded Recruiter Linked-In Membership for All Recruiters.

  • Job Board Resume Search Access (Monster, Indeed, Recruiter Network, and many others).

  • Access to the Zoom Info Database for Company and Candidate Research

  • Access to over 40,000 Accounting and Finance candidates (e.g., many of these candidates are “orphaned” and can be owned outright).

  • Continuous training from industry’s leading educators (e.g., Danny Cahill, Barb Bruno, Bill Radin, and an entire library of industry resources and sales training material).

  • An administrative team which supports all IT, Accounting, and Administrative functions. 

  • Flexible Work Arrangement (Work from Home Office and unlimited PTO Plan)

  • Company Branding and Marketing Development


Compensation Offering:

  • Highest Payout in the Industry (Up to 70% Payout)

  • Weekly Payroll and Quick Commission Payout

  • W2 Employee Status with a Weekly Draw

  • Employer Sponsored Health Insurance

  • Participation in Company 401-K Plan (50% Company Match)

  • Vision, Dental, Disability, and Accidental Death Insurance

If interested, reach out to:
Sharon Jakob Director of Corporate Development

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