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Candidate, Audit Senior

Thank you again for all your hard work getting me this opportunity. You and your team will definitely be my number one recommendation for anyone I know needing a recruiter in the future.


Candidate, FP&A Manager

Thanks so much for this background information. I have to say that I have worked with a lot of recruiters and this is the first time I’ve ever received anything like this to help me prepare. It reflects a level of professionalism that is quite impressive and speaks well of your organization.




Client, HR Manager

Thanks for checking in!  [The candidate's] experience and diverse background are going to be a huge asset.  It’s going very well. I also want to say thanks to you for all the work you put into this for us. It was such a different experience from our previous tries, and I am very happy we found your company to work with.




Candidate, Business Tax Assistant Manager

I am thankful for both Ralph and Justin’s efforts in not only helping me to prepare for the interviews but setting them up in general. They have been nothing less than fantastic. Their ability to align your interests with the client's makes candidates feel like they aren’t being taken advantage of and are professionally taken care of. 




Client, Senior Recruiter

Thank you for your help in finding someone to fill this role for us. I know you and your team spent countless hours on it and I want you to know it has not gone unnoticed.



Candidate, Finance Manager

Hey Bill! Just wanted to reach out and thank you personally. This has probably been the best fit for me in my entire career. The past two and a half years working with [the company] have been phenomenal!



Client, Talent Aquisition

Danielle, Thank you so much for working so hard with us on this position. We really appreciate your dedication to sourcing for the right candidate!





I want to thank you for all your help and support along the way! Thank you for connecting me with such an amazing job opportunity right after my college graduation. I am very excited to start my first permanent full-time position! 




I wanted to let all of you know that I have officially retired. I had a very fulfilling career, but now it's time to move on and start a new chapter.  I also wanted to let you know that it was a pleasure working with all of you and how much I appreciated your support and encouragement over the years.  Wishing you continued success and happiness.




Candidate, Contract Analyst

I just wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU for giving me a chance, guiding me and supporting me in my new position.  I am so excited to go permanent and continue my career with the [client].  You two have been absolutely amazing!  Thank you again!!!



Logistics Coordinator

Just wanted to send a short note. I'm truly thankful I ran into you two [Jessica and Amanda] at the Bolton Group. I was provided an opportunity to get my foot back into the door of Logisitics and maintain my work/life balance goals to work remotely. So far I'm loving [the client] and met with the Asset recovery team today in a team meeting and can feel the great atmosphere (even virtually). I'm really so happy and grateful for this opportunity. I wanted to say thank you to you BOTH!




Client, Corporate Controller

Bolton differentiates themselves from other recruiters with their deeper understanding of our business and position needs along with their pre-screening of candidates.  I’ve never felt like a candidate they presented wasn’t worth the time to interview.  They did an excellent job in finding [this candidate] and helping us work through the pros and cons of bringing him onboard.  I think Bolton could help us in other areas beyond accounting and finance.




Candidate, AP Specialist

I love you guys!!!



Candidate, Accounts Receivable 

I want to thank The Bolton Group for all they have done to make my experience here a good one. […] The Bolton Group’s is one of the best temp agencies I’ve worked for and I will forever be grateful.


Client, Vice President of Human Resources

Ralph and Daisy -- I appreciate all of your assistance with this very important hire for [the company.] I truly appreciate The Bolton Group.  You nailed this search and have gained a new fan!




Client, Dir. of Finance

[Our candidate] started on Monday and is doing great so far.  I think she’s going to be an awesome fit here and everyone is really excited.  On a side note, I had my mid-year review last week, and one of the things I got the most credit for was getting [this candidate].  So a big thank you to Todd for making me look good.  I don’t think we’ll have any accounting or finance hiring needs in the near future, but if we do, you’ll definitely get the call.


Brad H.

Candidate, Dir. of Finance

My experience with The Bolton Group was absolutely outstanding. I've worked with several other professional search firms and recruiters over the past year or two while passively looking for new opportunities, and my experience with The Bolton Group was top on the list. Excellent communication and professionalism along the way, and in the end - a really great fit was found. Thank you [Ralph and Danielle].

Ethan B.

Candidate, Accounting & Audit Staff

It has been a pleasure working with Ralph and Danielle. Danielle has been a huge help throughout this process. She has walked me through every step and provided great advice and insight along the way. If I have any accounting friends that are seeking a new position in the future, I will definitely refer them to her as she is a true professional. 

Chris G.

Client, Executive Director

Our candidate is working out very well.  He was hit with a lot of training but seems to be enjoying the new role.  As we discussed, it is a very challenging position, but he has taken it all on with great enthusiasm.  The staff and I are very appreciative of you finding him for us.




I’m extremely happy to be onboard with [client], and this never wouldn't have happened without Jessica and Amanda’s help.  I am so grateful to them both and will continue to refer people to The Bolton Group. They went above and beyond to help me with securing a permanent placement, and I am forever grateful and indebted.



Alexa P.

Candidate, HR

I wanted to thank you guys for everything you have done to get me this position. I absolutely love it here and feel so at home. This job is everything I have wanted for so long and I feel so lucky to be here. Thank you both for such a great match.

Greg G.

Client, Fin Tech

Bolton delivers again.   Thanks as always Ralph and Alex.  I just ran the stats for the Audit Committee and we have hired 25 new team members globally. It has been a major talent transformation for us and Bolton has been the #1 firm that helped make that happen.  


Joy N.

Payroll Specialist

Besides being incredibly personable, Michael is a man passionate about his job and doing right by his clientele. I was extremely hesitant at first because I have had zero success with recruiting companies in the past, but Michael and his team promoted me with the employer and also promoted the employer with me. I took a chance and stuck by my decision. The company I was placed with was everything that Michael and his team presented and I couldn't be happier. He reached out on occasion to see how the job was going but wasn't overbearing and when the time came, he called to present me with the companies official offer. Bolton Group, Michael and the other staff are incredibly professional and exceptionally friendly. I got a job after 7 months of unemployment and I'd like to think I made a new friend. I highly recommend Michael Masek at Bolton Group if you are looking for a new job. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



Large Corporate Client

Thank you, Ty! I am so impressed with the services! You have a fill rate of 100% and that is not typical on my reporting.

Scott T.

Chief Audit Executive

Ralph -- Thank you for the feedback.  We share [the candidate's] enthusiasm and are so happy that this worked out.  Thank you for all the behind-the-scenes work from Alex and yourself.    


As always, thanks for being our top recruiter !!



Kristen H.

Firm Administrator

Ralph and his team at the Bolton Group are the top recruiters! They are the only recruiters we use at [our firm] and we have received the highest quality of candidates from them that know all about our firm before they interview us. He specializes in making it a great experience for everyone involved.


Andy S.




Hope you and your family are doing well, this has been a crazy time to onboard into a new company but the folks at [Manufacturing Company] are amazing. Thank you again for setting me up with them! I hope this is all over soon but it seems like it could last a while. 


I just wanted to give you and The Bolton Group a well-deserved thank you! I have never worked with a recruiting company/recruiter that was as helpful, organized or passionate about finding not only a good position- but the right position- for a jobseekers. I will be sure to tell my friends how I found and obtained my dream job and about my wonderful experience with you and your partners at The Bolton Group. Thank you again for the help and advice!




Sr. Manager, FP&A

Client, Home Retail



Thanks so much for the treats!  We are enjoying them.


Also, thanks again for [our candidate.] They have been great so far and I am excited to get them up to speed and see the impact they can have on the business.






Thank you so much for the cookies that were sent yesterday! The whole team ate them up so fast here. And, they were somehow still hot when they arrived?!


I also wanted to thank you for introducing me to this company. It’s been a little over a week since I started, and I am absolutely loving it! It’s exactly the challenge that I was looking for, and the team has been incredibly supportive in getting me up to speed. I can’t wait to grow my career here, and it’s all thanks to you!


Christopher L.


When I first spoke to Bill, I had a really good feeling right off the bat.  I spoke with many other recruiters in Nashville and from my home state.  He was by far the most outgoing, friendly and knowledgeable one of them all.  It has been a crazy month that flew by; we were working like crazy towards that October 15th deadline and now the storm has passed.  Thank you for the time and effort put forth to get me here to Nashville in a great spot. 


Julius I., CFO


Hi Ralph-


I wanted to drop a quick note thank you for the connection with Jade. She did a great job with a complicated search for me and found a great candidate. The PE group described the candidate as a purple unicorn. How Jade managed to find a candidate with a CPA, MBA, and speaks Chinese and in my salary budget is amazing. Hope things are well in A-Town with you and your family.


Lauren R.


Thank you so much! Ralph and Jessica have been amazing. 


Julie R.


Just a quick note to thank you both for presenting me with this opportunity and for your support and coaching during the interview process.  I'm feeling really good about my chances.  No matter what happens, I want you to know that working with The Bolton Group for the past couple of weeks has been a great experience. I'm looking forward to hearing good news.  

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