"Recruiters can provide detailed and personalized interview preparation that can better prep a candidate for the screening process."

Jen S. 

"We are SME (Subject Matter Experts in Recruiting). We do this for a living, have candidates already in our pipeline and know how to recruit and attract top talent. Using Software is still a time commitment whereas using a recruiter takes the messy work right off the Hiring Official’s plate."

Renee S.

Additionally, Recruiters are able to assess the candidate’s conviction in their abilities, their interest level, their level of engagement with the conversation, and the likelihood of success in the role and with a particular organization. Most of us work with an ever increasingly diverse group of people and personalities. A cultural fit assessment can provide insight that is impossible to acquire by simply scanning a resume.

Published Nov. 30, 2017 by Stephen Sorrow, Executive Recruiter. Edited by Samantha Johnson, Communications.

With hundreds of online job boards, the hiring process can be overwhelming for both job seekers and hiring officials alike. We let our team battle it out: Recruiter VS. Hiring Software. Is there one that outweighs the other? Here are their thoughts: 

Working With a Recruiter VS. Using a Hiring Software

"I thought all the websites were a bit impersonal and it was very frustrating not to be able to talk to an actual person. I was so grateful when I got to speak to a recruiter (who primarily places part-time), she gave me advice and talked to me about the current job market. We are not robots!"

Andrea H.

When Recruiters speak with a candidate, they are doing much more than simply matching experience and skills to the stated requirements. They are evaluating the candidate’s personality, style of communication, stated career goals and perhaps more importantly, listening for unstated wants and needs in their next steps. At the outset of our conversation, a candidate may state they are looking for the next step in their career because they need more responsibility or higher income. However, after they develop a rapport in their conversation, they might confide that their present work environment is too demanding or might be considered toxic with a high turnover. Through these conversations, recruiters learn things that someone might not divulge in a questionnaire or an interaction with Artificial Intelligence. They are discovering a person's unique passions and desires for their career. 

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